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THE SPORT FISHING CLUB “Lystfiskerforeningen af 1926”

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Welcome to the Anglers’ Association of 1926, Lystfiskerforeningen af 1926, which probably offers the most diverse freshwater fishing, anny Danish fishing association are providing.

The River Skjern offers an exclusive fishing for wild Atlantic salmon in the most beautiful surroundings. The largest salmon caught in the river weighed 26.5 kg.

The River Karup offers fishing for some of the world’s largest seatrout. The Danish record was caught here. The fish weighed 14.4 kg.

The River Karstoft, River Vorgod, River Omme and Råsted Lilleå offers fishing for wild salmon, brown trout and grayling.

We offers:

About. 11,5 km of fishing water in the River Karup

About. 14 km of fishing water in the River Skjern

 About. 15 km of fishing water in the River Vorgod

About. 14 km of fishing water in the River Omme

About. 3 km of fishing water in the River Karstoft

About. 10 km of fishing water in the River Råsted Lilleå

About. 2,5 km of fishing water in the River Hellegård Å

In total, over 70 km beautiful jütländisches fishing water.

Membership in the sport-fishing Association of Denmark

Your membership will support the work of the Danish fishing and sport, while also helping to preserve the ecological balance of nature in this region.

News from our fishing waters

Once a year we will send you our local newsletter “Åfolk” with the latest news for anglers, local information and fishingtips.

Your membership in the association contains additionally the following benefits:

You are entitled to fish in waters of the association and to participate in club activities together with your family

For your salmon-fishing vacation, a cottage by the River Skjern, are available at a low cost. We also got a small fishing cottage at the River Storå, and another cottage at River Råsted Lilleå.


Per Fredskild

Grønlandsgade 6

6950 Ringkøbing


Phone no. +45 97 32 27 70 / +45 23 28 79 05

Mail lf1926@live.dk

Membership fees 2013:

Senior (over 18) 1275.00 DKK / EUR 171, –

Family 1750.00 DKK / EUR 235, –

* Family Max 2 senior and 2 junior

Junior DKK 550.00 / EUR 74, –

Please pay for membership to our bank account at


Iban: DK7977000009403858

BIC-kode/swift: SYBKDK22